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(Christophe BERNARD, Centre de Morphologie Mathématique, <bernard at cmm dot ensmp dot fr>)


This is the sourceforge home page for the Yorick Maintenon Branch package. This package has been developed by me at the Centre de Morphologie Mathématique, on the basis of David Munro's original yorick.

Yorick is a prototyping language like matlab, octave and others.

Its strengths are

This release adds the following features:


"Un petit dessin vaut mieux qu'un long discours", so you can get screenshots of Yorick-mb when drawing a curve and working on an image, or defining a function in yorick's scripting language, reading and printing images.

Download and links

The Yorick-mb package is available in source form and in binary form for Redhat 6.2, and 7.2. A source rpm is also available. You can get all this from sourceforge's repository. The project summary page is here.

An extension is also available to add JPEG support to yorick. Take it from here.

Documentation is included in the packages. If you want to browse it before downloading Yorick-mb, you can get it from here. Note that the doc is current as of version 1.4, and is currently being updated.


There is also a package YTK by C. Wayne Wright to add GUI support to yorick by using Tcl and expect (on Linux). It is designed for yorick, but works also with yorick-mb.

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